Our Story

My names Batoul, happily married and a mother to my now 4 year old son, Hussein and my daughter Ayah who is 2. After giving birth to Hussein I started to notice a change in my son's behaviour once we got home from hospital. He was always gassy, always uncomfortable and always in pain and crying. I was introduced  to essential oils and at first I was thinking what will these do for my child?

The first blend I ever used was the sleep blend and I was amazed at what happened next: he slept 8 hours straight, a full eight hours. Hussein never slept more than 2 hours straight at night. so from that day on I introduced essential oil roller bottle blends into his routine. we have a blend for colic, for stomach upset, for sleep, for teething, for tantrums and more.

I myself have my own experience on why I use these oils, I suffer from anxiety  and made my first anxiety relief roller bottle blend when I was introduced to essential oils. I applied this blend every day for 2 weeks morning, afternoon and night to test it out and all I can say is there was a change in my emotions and as well as my mental state. I was more relaxed, more calmed and could calm myself down if I felt an anxiety attack coming. It is my belief that these essential oils helped me get to the calmer sense of self I now possess and that these could help you too.

While uploading through social media and documenting my journey with essential oils I started to sell essential oil blends on my Instagram page @oilswithbatoul and I had such a big interest and customers buying that I thought what better business to start than one that I enjoy doing and love and not just that but to give customers 100% satisfaction with the product they are buying?

So that is where Blends of Wellness came about. Also with how expensive 100% pure and CPTG essential oils can be, to help individuals access these oils I created these blends buying in bulk and bottling them, to save you the costs of buying significantly large quantities.

Essential oils have many potential therapeutic benefits and here at Blends of Wellness we use none other than 100% pure and certified  therapeutic grade essential oils. I look forward to hearing your successes with our blends in the days to come, and thank you for stopping by our store.

Lots of love Batoul xx